Artist’s Block

July 12, 2008
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Ugghh~! I can’t believe this! I can’t draw or make AMVs anymore! *sobs*

I can’t get myself to do it and I can’t make one decent one. I really want to join AMV contest because I know that I can make pretty decent AMV’s. I just wish I didn’t have a block right now. I wish I had the whole day too. Someone’s coming to check out the house for sale so we have to leave.

I’m stuck. Plus, I’m insainly bored! This is why I don’t really care for summer vacation. >w<


Omg, I watched Giban Kaliedoscope and it was amazing.! I thought at first it was a dumb plot and the animation was poor but in the end everything I thought went opposite.

That’s all I have to say for right now really… ^^;; I have to continue slaving over my Graphics site because It’s screwed up.

Tokyo Tuesday ((Clannad))

July 7, 2008
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writeHi Hi~
Yesterday and today, I haven't
 been able to access my old account...
*sobs* I wish I could but
it wont let me in no matter what.
I'm so upset about that. Since all of
 that nonsense has blown over I have to start over.
I've decided to do something like what "Hobby Snacks" 
is doing.I find it interesting and fun~!
I'm just going to change mine to "Tokyo Tuesday" because
I don't want to seem copy-catish
even though this is already sorta it. I'm sorry~!
 If you want me to change it "Hobby Snacks", just ask
and I'll change it.

Here are some pictures of Clannad. It's one of the
 best shows I've seen yet by KEY. I highly
recommend that you watch this show.

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